The price of 3d Mink Lashes Wholesale on the market is not the same. Is the higher the price, the better the quality of eyelashes? Can the price be used to judge the quality of eyelashes? So why do mink eyelashes cost different in the market?

1.The production process is different

Eyelash style on the market, natural production process will be different! Different Lash Vendors have different methods of making eyelashes, and the quality of eyelashes is also different. Many Eyelash Manufacturer choose chemical methods to make their eyelashes curl, while a small number of Eyelash Vendors choose pure hand-made methods that consume energy. This method will not add any harmful chemicals, so the cost will be higher!

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2.Different raw materials

High cost eyelashes must use the best raw materials! Our eyelashes are the hair on the top of mink’s tail and the hair on the back of its neck, and they fall off naturally. They are most suitable for making eyelashes, and these animals won’t be hurt at all. On the contrary, it happens that you buy cheap mink eyelashes, which are made on the basis of hurting small animals!

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3.Comfort of wearing

Customer’s real experience is the best judgment of eyelash quality. You can go to see the customer feedback that your Lashes Vendor shows you. It’s real! The best mink eyelashes must be comfortable, soft and light.

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