Now more and more people want to start their own eyelash business.But because they have not been in contact before and don’t know how to start, Barbara Lashes will introduce you the steps to start an eyelash business, hope this will help you.

1.Fund preparation

Many people have been hesitant to start their own eyelashes business because they are afraid of investing too much money but not earning it back. For this kind of problem, Barbara Lashes have prepared 7 styles sample pack for you. You can get eyelashes and free paper lash boxes for only $60-$75. You can test the quality of our eyelashes for less than $100, and at the same time reduce the commercial risk for you.If you are interested,please contanct me whatsapp:+86 13626427708.

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25mm mink lashes Sample Pack mink lashes vendor

2.Design your own logo and brand name

Having its own unique eyelash logo in the eyelash market will attract consumers to buy more.At the same time, it will make your customers remember you, and customers can easily find you when they repurchase.

If you already have your own logo, just send us the photo of the logo when you are ready to place an order. If you don’t have your own logo yet, don’t worry, Barbara Lashes have a professional design team, you just need to tell us your requirements, and we will design a logo that satisfies you.Below is a display of some custom boxes:

lash packaging vendor
wholesale lashes and packaging
eyelash box vendors

3.Market Survey

It is necessary to conduct market research before selling eyelashes.It can help you better understand the eyelash style and price range your customers like, and it can attract customers more according to the product selection and product pricing after market research.

If you sell popular styles, this will attract most eyelash consumers.Barbara lashes have a professional team that will summarize the popular styles in the eyelash market for you, and have a professional design team to design and update eyelashes. If you are interested, please contact us whatsapp:+86 13626427708

4.Choose lash vendor

Barbara Lashes is a professional and trustable produce of  mink lashes and custom packaging manufacturer and 25mm lash vendors.A trusted eyelash supplier can help you better maintain your eyelashes business.Because she will provide you with the best quality eyelashes, and will not let you lose customers due to quality problems.A good eyelash supplier will also update the eyelash styles for you in time, share with you the most popular styles now, and help you grow your eyelash business.Barbara Lashes will provide you with good pre-sales and after-sales services, patiently answer your questions before sales, ensure that the goods arrive in time, update product information for you in time after sales, and have a complete return policy to protect you.Here are some customer feedback:

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5.Promote your brand and increase the number of fans

First, you can use your social platform, such as Instagram,Pinterest,Facebook.Create your brand name account, update some pictures and videos of your products every day and interact with customers.High-quality content is the key to attracting fans.

Second, you can build your own website.Write your product information and brand introduction on the website.A good website will give people a trustworthy, professional and reliable feeling.This will help your eyelash business development.