Wholesale mink lashes are very popular in the eyelash market. Women can buy it for very little money and start an eyelash business. Because they found Barbara Lashes as a reliable mink eyelash vendors.

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Barbara Lashes occupies an important position in the eyelash industry and has helped more than 7000 customers start creating their eyelash brands. Because Barbara Lashes Vendors is not only a professional wholesale lash vendors, but also provides custom eyelash packaging services.

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If you want to start your eyelash business, we will assist you in starting your different eyelash collections. Not every vendors for lashes can provide the best eyelash products. To become a reliable eyelash vendors, the wholesale lash vendors also needs to consider many factors.
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1.Natural Mink Lashes

From the shortest 13mm to 16mm, many women like to wear strip lashes styles of these lengths in daily life. After wearing them, they will not only increase the eye area, but they are also very natural. Eyelashes of this size are particularly suitable for women’s daily makeup and various other occasions.

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2.Medium-Length Eyelashes

Wholesale lashes suppliers of 20mm are of medium length. Many customers don’t like long, exaggerated or short natural styles. Will choose a medium length of 20mm or 22mm. Medium-length eyelash styles are suitable for all occasions. 20mm are not only suitable for daily wear of all ages. Both heavy makeup and light wear are acceptable.

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3.Dramatic Lashes Wholesale

For those wholesalers who like long eyelashes, you can choose any style you like to mix. If you are entangled in style, we will recommend several best-selling Mink Lashes Wholesale for you. 25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale look more exaggerated and dramatic.According to the different needs of your customers, you can choose the style you want. Long eyelashes with a comedic effect are more suitable for stage play. Or young women who like exaggerated makeup.

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