If you have decided to start an eyelash business and have created your own eyelash brand.Then the next thing you have to do is to increase the visibility and influence of your brand and attract more fans, which can promote the better development of your eyelash business.So what aspects do you need to do to improve your brand?

1.social media

(1)About content

You can use your social software, such as INS, pinterest, Facebook, and etc. Social media content is quickly becoming an important part of the development of Mink Eyelash business and online communities.You can also take products videos and upload them to YouTube, so that more consumers can see your products and can increase your lashes sales.

The most important thing to improve your brand in social media is that the quality of the content you upload must be good.

Shooting environment: sufficient light and not too much noise
Shooting method: to show customers all-round eyelash products

What can be uploaded?
Pictures – mink strip lashes photos, customer wear display,new products,Some interesting pictures about eyelashes and makeup
Video – video of delivery video,customer reviews,eyelash wearing video,eyelash care video
Time – Update content at a fixed time every day

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(2)About communicate with clients

In social media you can’t just upload content without interacting with fans.You can also tag, DM, or leave your client a comment with a congratulatory message. Thus some customers may be attracted by the discount ,These discounts may be holiday discounts, etc.

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2.Custom packaging

Custom eyelash packaging is increasingly becoming a simple and effective way to enhance your brand.You can print your brand name, logo, social media information and contact information on the eyelash packaging.These will deepen the customer’s impression of your eyelash brand.

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