Recently, many customers are consulting about the clean lashes and maintenance of mink strip eyelashes.

For example: after we remove the makeup, there is still a lot of glue on the false eyelashes. It takes a little time to tear off by hand. It takes some time and may not be clean. This is really bad. So what should we do to clean and maintain our eyelashes so that we can clean lashes them quickly and cleanly?

Barbara Lashes, as the most responsible and professional supplier of mink eyelashes, can provide you with good advice.

For the cleaning and maintenance of false eyelashes, many people are helpless. Many eyelash products claim that their false eyelashes are generally not exposed to water. If you wear such eyelashes to go out, the rain will annoy you.

In fact, this is defects of their products, they will disappear in your makeup box when they encounter water.

If you want to be able to use non-defective eyelashes, you should buy high quality eyelashes like Barbara Lashes’ eyelashes.

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Barbara Lashes’ eyelashes have a very good quality. You can safely put your eyelashes in a cleansing agent mixed with makeup remover and clean water. After the entire eyelashes are soaked and moistened, gently brush off the remaining glue.

At this point, the process of cleaning the eyelashes is half done.

When there vis no glue or dust left on our eyelashes, rinse them in clean water. Then put the cleaned eyelashes on a dry facial tissue or a towel.( Please be careful not to put the cleaned and wet eyelashes on the paper towel. This may cause the eyelashes to get stained with the tissue fibers.)

After a simple wipe, hold down the eyelashes, blow dry it with a hair dryer or wait for it to dry naturally, you will find, amazing! You get a new eyelash!

Although the quality of the eyelashes obtained from Barbara eyelashes is good, you should also be careful not to use too much force to avoid accidental injury.