One of the most important points is to find a good eyelash supplier.How to identify a good wholesale mink lash vendor´╝č

The first and most important point is that the products of eyelash vendors must be of high quality.This will help you avoid many quality problems.For example, if a customer returns a product due to poor quality eyelashes, your eyelash business will not only lose customers, but also brand reputation.So, you need to know that high quality is the basis of a good eyelash vendors.You can buy some sample packs for testing first.

When you receive the lashes sample , you can make the judgment.Only you see the luxury mink lashes sample , you feel the real fur ,and apply on , test the soft of the band, can you make a bulk orders.

eyelash sample pack 1

The second is to choose eyelash vendors with the right price.It is best to choose eyelash suppliers who have their own factories, their prices are wholesale prices.This will make your eyelash business more competitive in the eyelash market.If you are interested, you can contact us to get our price and catalog.Our wahtsApp:+86 13626427708.

eyelash packaging bulk
Mink eyelashes wholesale custom lash packaging

The third is service.

1.Update information for customers in a timely manner.For example, update the hot-selling styles in the eyelash market in time.This can help you attract more customers.

2.Pre-sales and after-sales service.You may have many first-time problems before and after the purchase.All these need to be solved by the eyelash vendors.

3.Return policy.A good eyelash vendors should have a sound return policy to protect their customers.

20mm mink lashes EM09
Wholesale 20mm mink lashes hot sale styles