Custom Eyelash Boxes and Eyelash Packaging Box

As a professional mink lashes manufacturer, we have lots of different styles of mink eyelashes, in addition, we are also specialized in producing Custom Eyelash Boxes, many of our customers told us that they just started their eyelash business and want to choose exquisite eyelash packaging box, but they did not have too much idea about eyelash packaging, Considering these facts, our designer make different series and types of eyelash boxes to help our customers to choose suitable eyelash boxes easily.

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Private Eyelash Logo and Custom Eyelash Boxes Design

Custom eyelash packaging box is very important to create your own eyelash brand. We have established own custom eyelash boxes factory in order to provide better service for our customers in 2010. Many customers are just starting their own eyelash business. We have professional designers to help you to design a distinctive eyelash logo on eyelash packaging box.

1.Paper Eyelash Packaging Box

Paper boxes have a cheap price and very light weight,so its shipping costs are usually very small.At the same time, the paper box can also protect the eyelashes from damage and make custom eyelash logo.If your eyelash business has just started, it is recommended that you choose paper boxes, which will be your best choice.

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2.Acrylic Eyelash Packaging Box

Acrylic boxes can print eyelash logo or make customized label.Acrylic boxes are usually clear, customers can clearly see the styles of the eyelashes in the box.

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3.Diamond Eyelash Boxes

The diamond boxes has a unique triangular appearance,The sparkling shape attracts the attention of young ladies more.

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4.Lashes Book

We have more styles lashes book,2pairs,3pairs,4pairs,5pairs are the most popular.If you like a large-capacity box, you can choose lash book,They won’t let you down.

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5.Withdrawal Eyelash Boxes

Withdrawal Custom Eyelash boxes is the most popular box in eyelash market.More customer choose these boxes because they have light, durable and elegant appearance characteristic.

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6.Clamshell lash Packaging Box

Pull box with window and without window, clamshell box is also popular in the market.

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7.Other Styles Custom Lash Packaging

In addition to the common square, rectangle, circle, triangle box,we also have flower shaped, heart-shaped, butterfly shaped and medicine bottle shaped boxes for customers to choose from.

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  1. All the lash boxes on the above catalogs could be customized. Affordable eyelash packaging supplier Barbara Lashes could print your own logo on the boxes. But the minimum order quantity(MOQ) is 20 pcs to print logo
  2. If dont print logo, any quantity is okay, we could sell 1 lash boxes only.
  3. All the boxes on the catalogs are fixed in shape, color. What we can customize is only print your own logo and brand name.
  4. The manufacture time is 1-3 days. Shipping time is 4-5 days.
  5. If the custom eyelash packaging you look for not shown in the catalogs. We could also do other color match eyelash packaging with your private logo. Just the MOQ(minimum order quantity) is 50. And the manufacture time is 9-12 days.

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How to order eyelash packaging and make custom eyelash logo?

  1. Choose your favorite eyelash box from our eyelash packaging catalogs or tell our designer the materials and colors of the eyelash packaging you need by WhatsApp:+86 13626427708.We will give you the best price.
  2. If you want to customize your logo or private label, just send us your original logo picture. If you haven’t designed your eyelash logo, don’t worry. Send us your shop name. Send us the font and color you want.We have a professional designer team to design your logo for you. We will let customers see it before making it. We will make it after customers are satisfied.
  3. Barbara lashes make lash packaging with high quality boxes.Usually need 1-3 days to make them.
  4. Before delivery, Barbara lashes take product videos, pictures and a tracking number for customers.
  5. Usually Customers can receive their products within 5 days once we finish the production.

The Advantage of Our Custom Eyelash Boxes

  1. You can add your eyelash logo or any pictures you like on the eyelash boxes!!!
  2. Our professional designer can help you make your own eyelash logo!!!
  3. The MOQ of our custom eyelash packaging boxes is only 20 pcs!!!
  4. The producing time is only one or two days!!!
  5. Please feel free to contact our designer by WhatsApp:+86 13626427708

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