16mm Mink Eyelashes

16mm Mink Eyelashes are also one of the most popular styles recent years, so we designed and launched new 16mm mink eyelashes collection, these mink lashes are made of shorter mink hairs and cruelty-free, 16mm mink lashes can make your beautiful eyes more charming and attractive.

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16mm mink lashes ES01
16mm mink lashes ES02
16mm mink lashes ES03
16mm mink lashes ES04
16mm mink lashes ES05
16mm mink lashes ES06
16mm mink lashes ES07
16mm mink lashes ES08
16mm mink lashes ES09
16mm mink lashes ES10
16mm mink lashes ES11
16mm mink lashes ES12
16mm mink lashes ES13
16mm mink lashes ES14
16mm mink lashes ES15

Custom Eyelash Boxes with Private Eyelash Logo

In addition to real mink eyelashes, we also provide custom lash boxes service for you, just send your private lash logo or your idea to our designer by WhatsApp:+8613626427708 , we will design the most beautiful eyelash case for you, by the way, the MOQ of our custom eyelash packaging is only 20 boxes.

16mm lashes eyelash boxes
20mm lashes custom eyelash boxes
25mm lash box packaging
custom logo lash boxes
custom lash packaging
acrylic lash box

FAQ Before Order:

1. What is the MOQ of 16mm mink lashes?

No MOQ, if you need only one pair, we can also deliver on time.

2. What is the material of 16mm mink eyelashes?

The material of our mink lashes are 100% real Siberian mink hair and cruelty-free, all of our mink eyelashes are 100% handmade.

3. How long can I get the mink lashes?

Once you place an order from us, we will send the products to you by FedEx or DHL, and you can receive them within 3-5 days.

4. What kinds of eyelash packaging do you offer?

We can provide any styles and shapes of custom eyelash boxes you need, just contact our designer by WhatsApp:+8613626427708, and our designer will design the best eyelash packaging boxes with your eyelash logo.

5. What kinds of payment?

Paypal or Western Union

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